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Friday, March 31, 2006

Maybe not . . .

I may have been a little hasty about Michigan Bulb. I received another delivery from them today. More peonies. I called Customer Service and they claimed I had put in two orders. One for peonies and rosebushes and another one for peonies, rosebushes and the plants that came earlier in the week. I explained to the nice lady that I had placed two orders, one for peonies and rosebushes during the blizzard in February and another the following month for the rest of the plants. I ordered online and when I finished the second order, the website added it on to the first order and apparently gave it a new order number but didn't cancel the original order number.

The resolution to this is that my first order has been cancelled. My credit card has been credited for the extra peonies which I can keep since they would not survive being returned to the company. Only one set of rosebushes will be sent to me. According to Garden Watchdog, this may not happen. I like to think well of everyone and since my experience with Michigan Bulb has been most pleasant so far, my expectation is that in the end everything will be fine.


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