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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Did I plant that?

I have been frantically worried about The Fairy. The squirrels seemingly chewed all the branches down to stubs. Unbelievably, it is sprouting leaves all over those stubs:

This is one tough rosebush! It has more leaves on it now than any of my other larger rosebushes.

I'm finding crocuses all over. I know that I planted some when I moved in a decade ago but I don't remember planting this many in this bed:

Yes, that's my shadow again. The sun was at a low angle and much too bright to effectively show off all the clumps of crocuses. I love all this spring color. I also love surprises. I know for a fact that I have never planted crocuses in this part of my yard and yet here is one blooming at the base of one of my Blaze rosebushes:
And here is a picture of the first primrose of the season. Surprisingly, it's not yellow.
I've been reading about primroses. There are three different kinds. These that I already grow, cowslips which I am planting seed in the Wildflower Garden this year and a third kind called "candelabra". They bloom last. According to the article I was reading, they are sold by White Flower Farms. I'll be looking for another source because White Flower Farms is so horribly overpriced. I have the perfect spot for them, along the back of the house. Very little grows there because it only gets a few hours of morning sunlight. Then it is deep shade for the rest of the day.


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