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Monday, April 21, 2008

Old Friends & New Friends

No, I didn’t play with the color in PhotoShop. They really are that intensely red. I loved these last year, their first year in my garden. I love them even more this year after they returned and multiplied. I planted more of them last fall, but not all of them came up. The ones that did are lagging behind the originals.

Right next door are the species tulips which also appear to have multiplied.

And next door to them, more intense color. I don’t think I’ve ever seen violets this purple in my yard before. It’s almost as if the drought has brought the best in them.

I don’t remember what these were called. I planted them in the fall of 2005. I just love the yellow stripe around the trumpet.

Remember the Darwin Hybrid Tulips that I ordered and when they arrived, couldn’t remember where I wanted to plant them? Ta da!! Don’t they look great next to the Iris Bucharica? Okay, I’ll fess up. I didn’t actually plan this. I knew that the iris was there and tried not to disturb it while planting the tulips, but I had no idea that they would bloom together and look great together.

I have to get more of these Tahiti daffodils! And find another place for my wintersowing containers. They definitely spoiled the esthetics of this bed.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Blackswamp_Girl said...

I had missed out on the 'Red Riding Hood' tulips, but got a few other greigii varieties in the fall. And I'm echoing your enthusiasm--I love them, too! I swear that yours look deeper red, though. :)

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Sylvana said...

I've had mild success with my Red Riding Hoods -- but I gave a bunch to my father and he has had great luck with them.


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