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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tulip Mania

The tulips are beginning to bloom. Some disappointing, others breathtaking. Among the disappointing are the first of the lily-flowered tulips.

I was hoping for tall and stately. These are nothing to write home about. I’m happy about the little rosebush in the corner. It’s a Therese Bugnet that I though died last year. I left it in place and suddenly it has come back to life. Gotta love those tough old heirlooms.

The squirrels/rabbits are falling down on the job.

More colors from the this collection are showing up. I’m not sure that I like the orange/red with the lavender.

Here’s something to get excited about:

I was very disappointed with these Peppermint Stick tulips last year. They have returned and multiplied. I love it!

A Zurel tulip, part of the “Purple Dreams” collection:

Oh, yes. Definitely dreamy.

Here’s an unplanned combination that worked out well.

Lunaria and Thalia daffodils.

In fact, I really like how the lunaria looks against the Ugly Green Fence.

The iris Bucharica gets better every day.

Yes, that’s a beheaded tulip. No, I’m not sure who is doing the beheading.

The hellebores just won’t quit.

I wish I had some other colors, though. They do come in other colors, right?

And the “Flower of the Day” award goes to . . .

Fritillaria meleagris aka Guinea Hen Flower. Only one or two came up last year. This year there are more. I’m hoping for more flowers also.


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I love your posts. We have so many flowers in common.


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