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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Weirdness Chronicles 2008 - Chapter 1

The hellebores surrounding my birdbath have made a lovely groundcover since they first emerged in the spring of 2005. They finally deigned to bloom last year, if you can call one measly flower a blooming event.

This year they have out-done themselves sending up four flower stalks, only three of which are visible in the above photo. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will not only see the three flower stalks, but you will also note that they are all facing away from the camera, i.e. facing towards the back of the bed.

This is becoming a regular feature in my gardens. You may recall the yellow foxglove that also faced backwards. Just for fun, when I transplanted it to another bed, I turned it around. Sure enough, it bloomed last year facing the front of the bed.

I really wish that mailorder nurseries would clearly mark the fronts and backs of plants before they ship them to me so that I can avoid planting them facing the wrong way.


At 9:10 AM, Blogger Amy U. said...

That's a good point! I had foxgloves facing the fence last year, too.

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