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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Also Blooming today . . .

Another one of my new roses has bloomed, the Apothecary rose.

This is one of the roses I ordered from High Country Roses. I am disappointed with them. Three out of the four are sickly although two of those have bloomed. I chose High Country Roses because their roses were containerized. The containerized roses I got from Home Depot last year suffered much less transplant shock than the bare root ones I also bought at Home Depot. I will give it one growing season before issuing a thumbs down on High Country Roses.

I’ve had a mystery plant growing in my Semi-Shady Garden. Once it bloomed, I figured out what it was. If I had bothered checking my posts from last year, I would have saved myself a lot of head-scratching.

Last year I allowed white Dame’s Rocket to go to seed so I would have more this year. The flower stalks are bent because they follow the sun all day. I first tried the purple version in the Purple Garden a few years ago and had loved it so much that I added the white in this bed to offset all of the pink flowers such as the Bleeding Hearts. The fernleaf bleeding heart has begun to bloom:

The white plant label on the ground was marking the spot where I had planted a heuchera that I got at the plant swap at the Annual Master Gardener Picnic last September. I’ve never grown heuchera so I though I had better mark where I planted it so that I wouldn’t forget about it and “weed” it out of the garden. The squirrels dug up the marker but the heuchera managed to escape harm. I’m hoping that it will bloom this year.


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