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Thursday, December 29, 2005


The Burpee's catalog arrived today. In years past, this was a big event. Especially when they were publishing a separate catalog devoted exclusively to heirloom flowers and veggies. They no longer do that. Even sadder, each year they offer fewer and fewer heirlooms. This year, it appears that they are not offering any. I had to get out last year's catalog to check. The heirlooms are in this year's catalog, but the heirloom designation is not listed in the description. They are also offering fewer flower varieties. Some are missing completely. I want to try nicotiana this year. When I looked to see what Burpee was offering, there were none at all.

Ten years ago, my biggest seed order was Burpee. That has steadily shrunk to the point where this year, I probably won't order from them at all. I will be removing them from my list of heirloom seed sources on my side bar. I'm not sure what I'll be replacing them with. I'll have to see from whom I am ordering this year. The germination rate for Burpee seed has always been the best of all the places I ordered from. I'm going to start keeping better track of what I am ordering, from whom and the resulting germination and plant hardiness. I see spreadsheets in my future!


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