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Friday, December 02, 2005

Plant List for the Herb Garden

We have finalized our list of plants for our bed in the herb garden. My partner drew up a color coded diagram for the bed. I've been feeling guilty that she is doing all the work so I am happy to finally be able to contribute to our joint project. In addition to our diagram, we have to submit a list of plants with the scientific names, the common names and the number of each we will be using. I'm insisting on creating a spread sheet with our plant list as my (small) contribution. Here's our list:

Red Rubin Basil
Chocolate Mint
Gem Marigolds
Groso Lavender
Provence Lavender
Love in a Mist Alba
Love Lies Bleeding
Envy Zinnia

I had added garden sage, but my partner wants varigated sage. She is still researching possibilites. The basil has inspired me to try purple foliage plants in my own Purple Garden. I'm going to try the ruffled purple basil as a comparison to the Red Rubin to see which I like better. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the Love in a Mist turns out. I've never seen it in person. My partner grows it in her own garden and assures me that it is very attractive. The chocolate mint is prostrate. It's my stab at being artistic. The idea is for it to drape gracefully over the edge of the raised bed. Don't worry, I'll be posting pictures so you can laugh.


At 1:19 AM, Blogger Stuart said...

Old Roses - you needn't worry about me laughing. This sounds like the most wonderful project. I was wondering when we would hear some more about it. Look forward with eager anticipation for the photos.


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