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Monday, November 28, 2005


What happened to winter? Every day it seems to get warmer. The temps have been over 60F (16C) since yesterday and predicted to stay there through Wednesday. I took advantage of this warm spell to get the last bulbs planted. The Orange/Yellow garden now has Leopard lilies, Orange Glory Flowers (to attract butterflies), Iris bucharica (a species iris from Afghanistan), Butter & Sugar Siberian iris, Golden Fragrance muscari (yellow grape hyacinths!) and a Prince of Orange poppy.

I still have unused leaves so I'm reduced to raking and bagging. The irony is that I only have one medium-sized tree in my yard. The leaves from my neighbor's trees (see pictures in my previous post) all fall/blow into my yard. The first fall I lived in this house, I took 18 bags of leaves to the recycling center before my tree dropped its leaves! Since then I've stopped counting. Some years, I don't even bother raking. I've discovered that if I just leave them, they eventually blow away before the snow falls in January.


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