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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Murder in the Garden

Rutgers Gardens has opened a new Gift Shop in the former potting shed. In fact, it's called "The Potting Shed". I peeked into it recently to see the renovations that had been done on the interior. When I saw this book, I snatched it up and checked out the table of contents. Yup! It's the one I was looking for.

I suppose you are wondering what a book of mystery stories has to do with gardening. It's not just the fact that one of the stories takes place in Rutgers Gardens, the reason the book is being sold in the gift shop. I happen to know one of the authors. She's a retired English teacher who has taken up mystery writing and is an active Master Gardener. She is also one of our roving reporters for the Master Gardener newsletter.

This is her first published mystery story. I knew I would be seeing her at a Steering Committee meeting today, so I brought the book with me and asked her to autograph it for me.

The stories are all wonderful. If you like mysteries, you can pick up a copy at Rutgers Gardens or order it directly from Sisters in Crime - Central Jersey.


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