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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Winter Sowing Update

Two more containers have sprouted: Cleome "White Queen" and Wild Purple Foxglove. Normally I would be growing Cleome "Rose Queen", a nineteenth century heirloom. When I reviewed my plant list for my plot at Rutgers Gardens, I realized I needed to vary my color scheme. I had (pink) Cosmos "Seashells" and (purple) Verbena bonariensis on the list. Pink cleome would just be too much. White cleome would stand out and provide nice contrast between the pink cosmos and the purple verbena. At least I hope so.

I'm really excited about the Wild Purple Foxglove. Unlike just about every gardener I've ever talked to, I have been spectacularly unsuccessful at growing foxglove from seed. I've tried all different kinds and with the exception of Straw Foxglove, have not grown a single plant. The Wild Purple Foxglove will be transplanted into both the Wildflower Garden and the Purple Garden.

Winter Sowing Sprouts!
Bachelor's Buttons
Cleome "White Queen"
Cosmos "Seashells"
Nicotiana alata “Lime Green”
Verbena bonariensis
Wild Purple Foxglove


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