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Monday, January 01, 2007

AGY is 2!

Wow! I almost forgot my blogiversary. Not surprising considering what kind of a year it's been. It started in January when I was hired as the editor of Garden Voices, followed in March with the publication of The Garden Spade, the newsletter I designed for the Middlesex County Master Gardeners, followed in May with planting the herb and veggie gardens after finishing the the Master Gardener classroom requirement, followed in June with the planting of my Adopt-a-Plot at Rutgers Gardens, followed in July by another newsletter, this one for the Open House at Rutgers Gardens, which featured my photography, followed in August with the founding of the Straw Hat Society . Events started to slow (thankfully!) in the fall. I attended my first Master Gardener State Conference, had some of my photos published on the Rutgers Gardens website and had my earliest snowdrop blossom ever.

In addition to all the big milestones were a lot of other "firsts" for me. Working in a greenhouse. Working big events. Fieldtrips to famous gardens. Success with houseplants. New flowerbeds in my yard.

After a momentous year like that, what is left to blog about? Plenty, it turns out. The weekly Green Thumb Sunday meme gives me the opportunity to showcase my photography, gardens and places I have visited. The Garden Bloggers' Book Club has introduced me to new garden books to both read and blog about. The Straw Hat Society is already planning new outings. And there will be "do-overs" on a few of my less successful endeavors like starting seeds in the greenhouse for my plot at Rutgers Gardens, planting a hummingbird garden at home and that darn entry garden! There will be more new flowerbeds and expansions of the existing beds. And a new garden ornament.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. Your comments are appreciated. I hope all the gardeners who have inspired me will see the results of those inspirations this coming year in the design and planting of my gardens. You have all enriched my life.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

I am amazed that you manage to keep your head above water. Here's to another great year, blogging and gardening both!

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Tracy said...

Congratulations! At 2 years, you're an old-timer in the blog world. Keep up the good work!

At 6:55 PM, Blogger OldRoses said...

Kathy, you should have seen my house! It will take me all winter to get it straightened up and cleaned again.

Tracy, thanks but I'm still a newbie compared to some. Check out Kathy's blog for some REAL old-timers in the blog world!

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to keep following along in Year 3. :)

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You remind me of the saying "When you want something done, give it to a busy person". Keep up the good blogging and pictures!

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Congratulations...and best wishes for a wonderful third year...you are an inspiration for many of us!


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