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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Flowers of December

Thanks to the unseasonable warm weather lately, I still have flowers blooming. The yarrow never really stopped.

The Bachelors Buttons just keep getting better and better.

A surprising entrant in the winter flowering sweepstakes are my calendula which didn't do well this year. They have perked up considerably and are now starting to bloom. This one in particular is growing up through a foxglove.

The poor green miniature rose has no idea what season it is and has decided to throw caution to the wind and put out a tentative bud.

My biggest concern with all this weird weather is The Little Hyacinth That Could. It has been coming up and blooming faithfully every year I have lived in this house. Today I noticed that not only is it starting to sprout, but something has been digging and chewing on it. Horrors! I took this picture and then kicked some dirt over it to both protect it and discourage any hungry rabbits or squirrels.
As predicted, it was much colder today than yesterday, but at 50F (10C), it was still warm for December for NJ.


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