A Gardening Year

The adventures and misadventures of an heirloom gardener

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Rip Van Winkle daffodils have made an appearance. They are heirlooms that date from 1884 and are the strangest daffodils I have ever seen. I am eager for them to bloom. The weather was warm enough that I was able to start uncovering the gardens. The great poppy experiment has started. I was able to plant the corn poppies by the composter. The garden where I want to plant the mystery poppies is still covered with snow. Even gardens that appear to have no snow, have ice under the leaf covering. I uncovered the semi-shady garden and was disappointed to discover only one columbine. There were at least three last fall. I am hoping that the others made it through the winter and are just taking their time getting started. The last of the snow melted yesterday in the 60 degree heat. Of course, this is March and it is supposed to snow again today.


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