A Gardening Year

The adventures and misadventures of an heirloom gardener

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Amongst all the starlings on Saturday was a small, gray bird with a distinctive "tuft" on his head. I think I have a tufted titmouse on my feeder. This is one of those birds that I am always seeing pictures of, but never actually see in person so I am convinced they don't actually exist. They are just a figment of someone's imagination designed to make me feel inadequate in attracting a variety of birds to my feeder. Up until now, I never seemed to get anything other the run of the mill little brown birds, mourning doves, cardinals and blue jays. Maybe my luck is changing. Maybe I will actually succeed in attracting hummingbirds this year. Maybe I should just be satisfied with a tufted titmouse.


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