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Monday, February 21, 2005

Big Brown Birds

We had another snow storm last night. It was heavy, wet snow. I was working and keeping an eagle eye on the people plowing the parking lot hoping they wouldn't plow in my car. They didn't so I had no trouble getting out this morning.

When I got home, the new birdfeeder was literally under siege from a lot of big, brown birds. They were all over it, some of them literally hanging upside down from it. What's more, the branches of the trees surrounding my yard were filled with birds. I've never seen anything like it.

I spread more seed under the old birdfeeder because the snow had covered what was there already. Almost as soon as I went back into the house, the juncos appeared and more mourning doves than I have ever seen at once. Usually they appear two or three at a time. There were about ten of them this morning.

I checked my chart of common feeder birds and didn't see anything remotely resembling the big, brown birds that were besieging the new birdfeeder. I tried the internet. Didn't see anything there either, not even on the lists of the 25 most common feeder birds in New Jersey.

So now I have unidentified big, brown birds and unidentified little, brown birds. But still no woodpeckers.


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