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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Eating with the seasons

Fresh blueberries are on special this week at the grocery store. I have some recipes I want to try that call for fresh blueberries, but I am waiting. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when there was a big special on fresh strawberries. I have a strawberry cake recipe that I am just dying to try out but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to wait. What am I waiting for? I'm waiting for the local blueberries and strawberries to come into season.

I have nothing against fruits and vegetables grown in other areas of the country and the world. I just can't eat certain foods out of season. Like watermelon and cantelope. They are summer foods to me. I only bake apples pies and pumpkin pies in the fall. Now that it is winter, I am cooking soups and stews full of root vegetables, the last vegetables to be harvested and then stored away in the cellar for the long cold months ahead.

As a gardener, I live in tune with the seasons. Just as each flower has its season so too does each fruit and vegetable. I prefer to enjoy each one in its own time.


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