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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Garden Show

I went to the Flower, Garden & Outdoor Living Show of NJ today. Only I could go to a garden show and come home with a birdfeeder and a membership in the Audubon Society. It was the only booth I found remotely interesting. Apparently I have become too specialized to find anything attractive at a general garden show. So much stuff! No wonder people need to rent space at storage places to put their stuff. Me, I just get rid of anything I don't have room for. Give it away, recycle it, don't buy it in the first place!

They had a lot of landscaping exhibits. They were too artificial for my tastes. Too regimented. Lots of stone, furniture, plants too far apart. And the exhibit by the Garden Club of New Jersey. . . I know that it was terribly artisitic, but the things they did with flowers were just too unnatural.

I fell in love with the birdfeeders at the Audubon Society booth. I bought one designed for woodpeckers. It has a metal "cage" on it to keep out the squirrels. I also purchased a membership. $30. It entitled me to 20% off the feeder and a free copy of "Birds of New Jersey" (a $65 value!). Sorry, the whole transaction kept playing like an infomercial in my head. On my way home, I stopped at Petsmart to buy food for the cat and for my new birdfeeder. Woodpeckers like peanuts. So do squirrels. It should be a riot watching them try to get at the peanuts. Then off to bed. It's become unnatural for me to be awake during the day. Good thing I got to the show early. When I left, the parking lot was full and they were directing people to park in a lot far enough away to necessitate a shuttle bus.

They also sell squirrel food at Petsmart. I wonder if I put out food specifically for them then will they will leave the birdfeeders alone. . .


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