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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Creation of a Garden

I bought two hostas at the grocery store (of all places!) for $4.99 apiece a few days ago. I've been trying to figure exactly where to put them. I knew that I wanted them on the shady side of the front of my house in the bed that needs renovating, but I wasn't sure how to place them. Now I have the coleus cuttings that need to be potted. Hmmm . . . a plan is slowing forming.

Since this was going to be a quick project, I thought it would be fun to document it. First, I bought a container for the coleus to put next to the dark porch which needs brightening.

This is my "Before" picture. Please ignore the ugly storm door. It was here when I moved in and I have never gotten around to replacing it.

The first step was to assemble everything I would need to complete the project. Plants? Check. Tools? Check. Bag for turf? Check. Container and soil? Check.

Step two was planting the container and positioning it next to the porch. Oops! Forgot scissors to open the bags of potting soil. I'll have to move that astilbe plant in the fall. It's too close to the container.
Step three, remove the offending lawn. Um, that's not exactly the shape I was aiming for, but I can work with it.
Step four, position the hostas. The blooming one appears to be too high in the bed because of the way the sidewalk is constructed. The concrete foundation extends several inches out. I will need to plant shallow rooted plants close to the sidewalk.

Okay, let's hope the astilbe is as tough as columbine plant I transplanted while blooming this spring. I couldn't stand seeing it hidden behind the hostas and moved it.

And here is my "After" picture:

Applause, applause.

The Weirdness Chronicles 2006 Chapter Six

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