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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's Blooming Now

I have no idea what kind of dianthus this is. It was originally in the Purple Garden before it became the Purple Garden. I moved it to this border to make room for sage.

I love the blossoms on Sweet William, but hate the way the plants sprawl. I am undecided whether to keep growing it or not.

I transplanted last year's mystery plant into the semi-shady garden since it appeared to be some kind of foxglove. I was right! It's a straw foxglove (Digitalis lutea). I found it in Restoring American Gardens: an Encyclopedia of Heirloom Ornamental Plants, 1640 - 1940 by Denise Wiles Adams.

I know that Lamb's Ear is normally grown for its foliage, but I don't find the foliage terribly attractive. However, I do love the flowers. Be sure to visit Kasmira's blog for a great post on Lamb's Ears' flowers. She lets hers blossom too.

Old-fashioned single hollyhocks are among my all-time favorite flowers so it should surprise no one that I also grow Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina'. I have a bunch from last year and I planted more seeds this year.

Here's my Madonna lily. I've been watching the flower stalk get taller and taller. The suspense is killing me!

Less suspense than surprise is La Reine Victoria. This is one of the cheap rosebushes that I bought at Home Depot in April. I can't believe it's actually going to bloom this year!

It's one tough plant. If you look closely, you can see something is tunneling under it. I keep filling in the tunnels and a few days later, they're back!


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