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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I hunted all over for flowers for GBBD today. There were none in my slush covered gardens. There were none adorning my African violets. I was about to put away my camera when I remembered this.

My christmas tree is covered with flowers.

It's a veritable garden. There are pinecones and icicles.

A cardinal and a wise old owl.

The Antarctic must be really warm if penguins are seeking refuge in New Jersey!

Looks like this butterfly didn't make the migration.

And he brought a friend.

Oh, no! a pesky squirrel.

Maybe this naughty kitty that climbed the tree will chase him away.

I've finished my Christmas shopping.

Even bought some bubbly for New Years.

We've been getting an unusual amount of snow this December with more predicted for tonight.

Santa will be here soon.

Holiday wishes to everyone!


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Carol said...

I've got blooms on my Christmas tree, too. How fun to post about those. They certainly provide some cheer in December when there are no blooms to enjoy!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

At 7:21 PM, Blogger OldRoses said...

Carol, I hadn't realized how bereft of flowers this season is in my house.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Yolanda Elizabet said...

There, you see, you had more flowers than you thought and how wonderful they all look! A very creative post for GBBD!

BTW love that squirrel. ;-) On my blog today a story that a Maine Coon lover such as yourself probably don't want to miss.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Carolyn gail said...

Very charming and original. You have a lovely collection of ornaments which reflect your love of the season.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Sue Swift said...

Oh dear - another Christmas post when I haven't even started thinking about it yet. It's going to be another year of last minute shopping.
Never mind. Lovely tree and I hope you have a great Christmas. And as it's Christmas can I say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you do making everyone's blogs easily available through Garden Voices. It's a great service which must take hours, and I really appreciate it.

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous Melinda said...

That was hilarious. Especially love the squirrel, the penguin, and the poor butterfly that didn't make the migration. :(

We had amazing sunshine that lasted just to the 15th, so we were full of flowers for GBBD. Now it's raining and they are getting water logged... but I have pictures I can look at fondly!

Melinda, Elements In Time

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Colleen said...

I couldn't find any blooms for Bloom Day either--you were much more creative about it than I was--I just didn't post :-)

The squirrel ornament is cute! Glass squirrels are definitely preferable to the ones that dig up my WS containers!

BTW--when are you starting your WS? At solstice or after the holidays? I'm not sure what I'm doing yet.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger OldRoses said...

Yolanda Elizabet, your Maine Coon story really touched my heart.

Carolyn Gail, I love the lights and shiny ornaments during this darkest season of the year. Thank goodness, the days will start getting longer instead of shorter soon.

Sue Swift, thank you! I can't believe that I actually get paid to read garden blogs.

Melinda, I envy you. It's been snowing or raining here almost every day. Sunshine is in very short supply.

Colleen, I don't have family to take up my time during the holidays so I will be starting my winter sowing on the Solstice. But it can be started any time. Last year, I didn't start until February and I still got great results.

At 7:12 PM, Blogger A wildlife gardener said...

How wonderful! I loved that post...so original! Have a happy one :)

At 12:13 AM, Blogger MrBrownThumb said...

The penguine has to be my favorite of them all.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Naturegirl said...

Carol I love all the nature on your tree! I am moving quite a bit slower these days..my posts now must be of ~window views~ from my second floor..

I wanted to stop by and say:
May the spirit of Christmas leave its rich blessings in the hearts of you and yours! hugs NG

Looking forward to another year of gardening and posting and meeting
new fellow nature lovers at Garden Voices! Thank you for introducing me and choosing to feature my images when you do!
You are a blessing to our community of garden bloggers! hugging you
NG xoxoxo

At 12:32 PM, Blogger kate said...

What an incredible collection of glass ornaments you have! I like the champagne, the owl and the kitty the best. They are all really lovely!

Merry Christmas to you ... I hope you have a lovely holiday time!

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Andrea's Garden said...

Hello, haven't stopped by your blog in such a long time! Here you are with all your beautiful Christmas treats. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great year 2008. Andrea from Germany

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Dee/reddirtramblings said...

It is difficult to write about flowers outdoors when it is 20 degrees outside. I found myself writing about the tree, cookies I've made, the latest snow storm, etc. Love your flowers in your tree.


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