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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bargain Hunter

While visiting a local nursery today, I noticed that the few bedraggled perennials that they had left were still advertised as "$9.99 or as marked". Humph! Not much of a sale. Except . . . I've been pining away for clematis. But they are so expensive. I've never grown clematis before so I would hate to spend a fortune on one and then have it die because I put it in the wrong spot or didn't know how to care for it properly. Right behind the "$9.99 or as marked" perennials were the clematis, still priced at $19.99 and $29.99. An idea started forming. . .

I wheeled my cart inside and did a little shopping. My first stop was the tools. I lost my trusty pruners a few weeks ago. They are nowhere to be found. My guess is that I laid them down on the ground, accidentally threw a bunch of weeds on top of them and then gathered everything up and bagged it for disposal at the recycling center. Most weeds are going to seed now, so I don't want to put them in my composter. Decisions, decisions. Do I lay out the money for fancy, shmancy Felco pruners or just buy another inexpensive pruner? The ones that disappeared were cheap ones and they were still going strong after two decades. Still couldn't make up my mind, so I moved on.

Next up were the pots. This nursery has a very nice selection of containers of all sizes. I found the perfect pot for a little project (to be revealed at another time!) that I am working on. I'll be back to pick that one up when I'm ready for it.

Finally, I made it to the birdseed section. That's what really brought me there. I can get an entire case of suet cakes with seeds for $9.99. That's a better price than PetSmart where I have to buy them individually. I also picked up some black oil sunflower seeds. PetSmart was out of them when I was there last.

I headed to the checkout where I put my nefarious scheme into motion. The owner of the nursery was training a new cashier. I looked at him as innocently as I could and asked, very sweetly of course, if the clematis were included in the $9.99 "special". He thought about it for a moment and then agreed to give me that price. He showed the cashier how to ring up my order and told me I could pick up my clematis afterwards rather than holding up the line. I paid for my purchases and hurried out before he decided to "help" me.

I'm no fool. I picked out one of the nice $29.99 clematis and ran for my car.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger verobirdie said...

Well done!
Up to now, clematis have been a complete failure in my garden, while they are blooming in the garden next door... And I'm still willing to give them a try, next spring. Hope yours will be a succes, they are so beautiful.

At 4:03 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

I have not tried these either, but they are absolutely gorgeous! Best of luck with yours, I'm envious!! :) Happy GTS!

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Carolyn gail said...

Well, I never !! You little sneaker. Guess we'll have to be on the look out for customers like you at our annual sidewalk sale at the garden center where I work.

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to be able to find independent garden centers in the future, try not to cheat them... Most are closing due to the big box stores moving in. With fuel prices and plant royalties rising it gets harder for the independents to offer you quality products. If too many customers do what you have done (and you are not the only one), you will all be stuck with the big bix stores selections which may be cheap, but are only what the "corporate office" have deemed profitable. That's your trade-off, lower prices and lower quality, or decent prices and top quality
-just trying to stay afloat


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