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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Unplanting the Display Gardens

It seems like only yesterday that we were planting the Display Gardens at Rutgers Gardens. After months of riotous color, the frost has taken its toll.

It's time to clear out the beds and ready the garden for winter. Just like in May, the volunteers showed up in force. We also had help from a fraternity that is dedicated to community service. At times, it almost seemed like we had too many people!

The plant material that was removed from the beds was loaded onto tarps.

The tarps were dragged to the side of the road where a large truck came by at the end of the day to pick it all up.

That pile got MUCH bigger as the day went on. Here's a picture of those empty beds from a different angle last August.

And those beautiful beds in the foreground? This is what they looked like today:

The water plants that were in pots around the pond have already been moved to the greenhouse.

The sign looks so forlorn without its lovely flowers.

The Year bed is history (pun intended!).

The butterflies have all migrated south and the butterfly bed has gone to sleep.

One intrepid gardener is trying to extend the season.

Straw Hat Sighting!! Straw Hat Sighting!! Straw Hat Sighting!!

That's A, a founding member of the Straw Hat Society, trimming her Grosso lavender. The large leafy plant to her left is sorrel. She designed and built the marvelous trellis out of bamboo.

My own bed which did so well after such a poor start, is back to the way it looked in May.

The garden is asleep now. We will awaken it again next year. Until then, I will leave you with my favorite photo which I took last year. I think this says it all.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Blackswamp_Girl said...

What a lot of work you all accomplished this week! The beds do look barren in comparison to their summer glory, but that just makes it easier to envision plant combinations for next year, right? :)


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