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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iris, Iris and More Iris . . .

We were supposed to plant our herb beds for the Master Gardener program on Friday but we were rained out. It rained so hard, I couldn't even finish digging my new bed. My plants are still homeless. My iris took a beating. I had to buy more stakes because the "dirty" yellow iris seems determined to be my best iris this year:

My new Batik iris bloomed. I was surprised. Usually it takes a year or more usually two years for iris to settle in and bloom. I've wanted this iris for many years. I'm happy to report that it didn't disappoint. It is just as gorgeous as the pictures in the catalog:
I thought that my pink one, the infamous Baboon Bottom iris , didn't make it through the winter. I even called Springhill and requested a replacement. They happily agreed to send me another one. In the fall. They only ship iris in the fall. I had resigned myself to waiting another whole year for my baboon's ass iris when I noticed green shoots. Maybe it made it after all. Now I'll have two. Or should I say, both cheeks!

The Japanese iris is beginning to bloom. These are actually blue. It's just the light that makes them look purple.

I can't say the same for this iris. It was supposed to be black. It's pretty, but not as advertised. If I could figure out where I ordered it from (note to self, keep better records of EVERYTHING you order, not just most of it!), I would call and complain. I'm sure I paid a small fortune for it.

Columbine update: I've started calling this one the "Energizer Columbine" because it just keeps going and going and going . . .
The larger one has so many flowers this year. I've never had a columbine with so many blossoms at once. Some of them are turning upwards and I've discovered that they are a lovely light pink inside.
More stuff from seed. These are my Ipswich pinks with the typical "pheasant's eye".
Here are some without:
I was pretty impressed with myself when I successfully grew thyme from seed last year. I'm even more impressed that it is blooming. I didn't know that thyme bloomed! On second thought, where else would the seeds have come from? I'm such an idiot sometimes.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger crazygramma said...

Looks like your gardens are taking off for the season. Great photos!

It is great to be able to share garden pics with everyone again.


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