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Friday, August 12, 2005

Weird Happenings

I could probably devote an entire blog to the weird stuff that happens in my gardens. Sometimes there is a reason for the weirdness. The Blaze roses, for instance. At least one of the bushes was not grown on a Blaze root. I know this because the original root sends up one shoot with one flower on it every year. A striped flower.

Most of the time, there is just no logical explanation for the weirdness. This year, that same bush grew two shoots with two flowers. Pink flowers. No stripes. Just pink.

My first hosta, not content with merely blooming sideways, has now decided to take a right turn towards the fence. It's a little hard to see in this picture because it is trying desperately to hide in the Black-Eyed Susans, but the flower stalk has now bent, not downwards, but sideways and not towards the light. The direction is deeper into the shade.

Here's a self-created weirdness. It happens every year when the Bleeding Heart dies back and I cut off the dead foliage. I get this tremendous hole in the semi-shady garden. It looks totally bizarre, but I can't figure out how to fill it in:

And this just looks weird. It is actually normal behavior. White Breasted Nuthatches like to walk down tree trunks head first and feed in the same position:

Seriously, how can they swallow in that position?


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Sabine said...

We don't get nuthatches here (at least I've never seen one except in pictures). They're so cute!

My bleeding heart leaves are yellow now but I just cut off anything that's dead and shriveled as the summer goes on. I'd like to cut it right down and have something else taking over so I'm interested in any ideas, too. Mine are right in front of my house.

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Judith said...

I am smiling by the time I finished reading all of this. That image of the nut hatch trying to swallow...love it! And those bleeding hearts, yes, I know what you mean or should I phrase this, What does this mean?

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Sylvana said...

You could try planting fall crocus there.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger OldRoses said...

Great idea, Sylvana! Do they need sun? This is a semi-shady spot.


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