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Monday, May 16, 2005


The columbine are beginning to bloom. I am growing three kinds and have planted seeds for three more kinds. Only two are blooming right now. The third is a poor Songbird hybrid that I grew from seed years ago that I can't decide where I want it. Earlier this spring, it made its third (and hopefully, final) move to the front of the house. Despite being transplanted, it is budded so apparently it will bloom also.

In the semi-shady garden, the Grandmother's Garden columbine is putting on a spectacular show. It is described as "An antique form with short spurs of dark rose, violet, pink and white flowers". The one that is currently blooming is the dark rose. It is also the tallest columbine I have ever seen. This is the second year it has bloomed. In the same bed are two more that should have bloomed this year for the first time. Neither one is doing well. Both are tiny and unhappy. Eternally optimistic, I have planted more seeds.

In the purple garden are a lot of William Guinness columbine. This started out as one plant. It has reseeded to the point where it has become a real pest. Some of the offspring are finally blooming this year. I was very interested in what they would look like since this is a hybrid and not supposed to reproduce true to form. Surprisingly, all of the plants appear to be identical to the parent.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Sylvana said...

I have some hybrid petunias that reseed themselves every year and over 90% are identical to the original parents.

I have a new picture of tulips on my blog that I thought you might like.


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