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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yellow Flowers

One of the first flowers I planted when I moved into this house were primroses. Every year, I would order a few plants from a catalog. They did absolutely nothing for the longest time. Then, one year they started blooming. All different colors. They looked like little jewels. They also are the world's ugliest plants when they finish blooming. But for a few brief weeks in the spring, they brighten up the semi-shady garden.

One thing I noticed each year was that the yellow primroses always bloomed first. By the time they had finished, the other colors bloomed. I thought this was peculiar to primroses but this year I realized it happens to other plants as well. The yellow crocuses were the first to bloom this year before the purple and white ones. Now the yellow pansies are brightening up their beds before the other colors which haven't even budded yet. I'll be keeping an eye on the hollyhocks to see if they also follow this blooming convention.


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