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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bulb Planting In My Own Gardens

We went from cold and windy yesterday to 70F (21C) today. Even though I have to go to work tonight, I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and get some things done in the yard. Mowing the lawn was the most important chore. With all the cool, rainy weather we have been having, the grass is growing like it is spring. After mowing the lawn, I had hoped to get some bulbs planted. The leaves are finally falling so it is a good time to get them into the ground without the alerting the squirrels to a new food supply!

I spent so much time cleaning out beds and transplanting that I was only able to get a few bulbs planted. Among them was the Madonna lily. The Madonna lily I had planted last year sprouted, but didn't bloom. This is all it did:

I did a little research and discovered that Madonna lilies should be planted more shallowly than I normally plant my bulbs. I decided when the foliage died back, I would replant this bulb. The problem was that the foliage never died back completely before it sprouted new foliage which grew and grew and grew:

I took this picture today. Looks great, doesn't it? I don't know what to do. I don't dare disturb it while it has foliage. I had ordered another one which I had planned on planting less deeply. The package clearly states that it should be planted 6" (15 cm). So I compromised and planted it 3" (7.5 cm).

I am also concerned about my fritillaria. Knowing I was going to move it, I had marked its location after the foliage died back. Today when I dug up the bulb, I discovered that it was partially rotted. I am guessing all the rain we have had was responsible. I planted it anyways in its new bed and crossed my fingers. It won't be a complete loss if it doesn't come up again. I had ordered another one which I planted next to it.

I still have boxes and boxes of bulbs in the basement. I have vacation time left so I am hoping that the good weather will hold and taking next week off from work to finish all my planting.


At 11:03 AM, Blogger crazygramma said...

I hear you my bulbs finally arrived yesterday and I am hoping the rain stays away until later in the day so I can plant and maybe start cleaning up my beds as well.Good luck with your planting and if your like me I can hardly wait for spring.

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering about my fritallia getting soggy this year from that heavy rain we've had--I had that problem (soggy bulb) last year with some Asian lilies I was trying to move out of the vole's way. You've got some good stuff in that garden of yours!


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