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The adventures and misadventures of an heirloom gardener

Monday, June 13, 2005

Don't you just love "oops"s? Sometimes I think they are the best part of gardening. Earlier this year, I had Money Plant come up in unexpected places . This week I noticed a couple of more plants in odd places.

When I was creating the Medieval Garden , I transplanted hollyhocks from along the fence to the new bed. At least I thought they were all hollyhocks. Some of the plants looked an awful lot like Zebrina but that couldn't be because I hadn't grown Zebrina in that bed for a couple of years. Well, I was wrong. I have at least one Zebrina plant in the Medieval Garden. Of course, it had to be the plant I put behind the Money Plant planning on it taking over that space when the Money Plant died back.

Remember the failed herb garden ? I may have given up on it, but the chamomile didn't. It didn't germinate when I planted it last year. Instead it waited until this year and since there was no herb garden, it created it's own garden in a crack in my driveway!


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