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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Heartsease aka Johnny Jump Ups


At 12:05 AM, Blogger crazygramma said...

Oh I love Johnny Jump ups they are like little smiling faces looking at you from your garden, my neighbour gave me some last night which I planted right away, it is looking a little droopy tonight but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger snappy said...

I grew some Viola heartsease johnny jump up from a gardeing magasine with free seeds (way to my wallet is free seeds).As they were growing I was at my now wifes old house.Looking at a concrete backyard i thought there they are.
The purple flowers with white and yellow faces!We laughed at that twist of fate.I grew them whilst Sallyannes just sprung up from the cracked concrete.We married nine months later...love them flowers still!!


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